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Surreal Nightlife & Bottle Service was conceived in 2002 under the Surreal Chicago name and quickly became of the top promotional entities in Chicago. Originally, the company was for the weekend warriors bringing out the A-List in Chicago for energetic house music events and that quickly became much more. Once a month turned in to once a week, then twice a week, pretty soon Surreal was hosting 6 nights a week in Chicago’s Top Clubs and putting on the largest Halloween and New Year’s Eve Events the city has ever seen. A combination of the enthusiastic owner Brian Pfeiffer and the quality of the people the “Surreal Life” attracts fueled the massive growth from 2004 to present.

From Chicago to Vegas to Miami Surreal Events have had a lasting effect on many that have attended. We have numerous stories form friends over the years that have met at one of our events and gone to get married and have children. We like to consider ourselves a stable entity in a no so stable industry as we have out lasted the competition and have in fact, gone on to grow a rather large event hosting and marketing agency.

Gone are the days of grinding the clubs 6 nights a week in Chicago, but the legends live on with our partial ownership in PRSYM nightclub Chicago, and Events such as the sold out Haunted Halloween Ball, and of course the ChicagoNYEBall.

In Las Vegas We are the top VIP Hosting company working with all the top nightclubs and talent and offering bottle service and packages to accommodate any sized group that might be heading to sin city.

We hope you will join us on the very special night in Chicago December 31st 2017 at the Concord Music Hall, as we have worked really hard to deliver an amazing event, just like all the events we have produced over the last 15 years that you have come to know and love. Events such as the 2012 ChicagoNYEBall with Lil Jon with over 5000 people and 2013 with Paul Oakenfold at the Castle opening party NYE 2013. This year will be another one of the books in a long list of memorable events that we are proud to put our name on.

At Conciearth Hospitality we specialize in Business Development and Concierge Services. Our Royale Society Nightlife division focuses specifically on VIP Client Services and event production, marketing and promotions. Partnered with businesses in Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Miami, we pair our exceptional service with the best in nightlife, dining, transportation and more to curate each client's experience start to finish!

Regardless if you are a visitor or a local, next time you're celebrating a special occasion, birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, planning a corporate event, or simply looking to spice things up with bottle service on your night out, let us know! We are the connect that will put your needs first and surpass your expectations!

At Glow Chicago our main focus is to make sure your clubbing experience is as hassle free as possible with having no worries of anything going wrong. Our main goal is to cater to you and your party and to make sure they have the best night possible.

Glow has many venues that we are partnered with in the downtown Chicago area. We have tons of amazing bottle service deals to deliver to you seven days a week. We understand its our responsibility that you deserve to be treated with the best hospitality at whatever venue that you choose to spend your time at. As a hosting company all we want is you and your party to remember the amazing experience you had on the night out that was organized by yours truly.

Promose7en is a full-service event production company that specializes in branding, event marketing, and strategic planning for individuals and corporations by delivering the best experience that meets the specific needs of the client.